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New undies


New undies available at the mainstore now. They are boy-short style, comes in pack of 5 colors each and both layers, pants & underpants. TP here to the shop here : ~momo~ have a nice day! ♥♥♥

~free hugs~


There is a new 1L ‘free hugs’ tee at the mainstore TP here : ~momo~ the white version is a group gift. ❤

New ‘my neighbour top’ in two different color packs TP to mainstore here : ~momo~ ♥♥♥ have a nice day!

~besos top~


New besos top . Each color comes with 2 tops & panties Have a nice weekend. TP to mainstore here : ~momo~ ♥♥♥

~besos dress~


New besos dress, in five colors. with 2 skirt options. Have a nice day ! TP to mainstore here : ~momo~ ♥♥♥

New umbrella thermals, in a pack of 10, 5 colors with a color & a monochromatic option each. They come in all layers to mix & match with other items. TP to mainstore here : ~momo~ have a nice day! ♥♥♥

New shortcake sweater they come in 2 colors pack, shirt and jacket layer & with sculpted sleeves. Have a nice Sunday! TP to mainstore here : ~momo~ ♥♥♥

everyDay Jeans


New everyDay jeans each color comes with 2 different sculpted leg styles (wide and skinny) and with or without the little stars at the front. TP to mainstore here : ~momo~ have a nice day! ♥♥♥

The gray ones are a group gift and you can get the blue ones for 1L at the mainstore. have a nice day! TP to mainstore here : ~momo~ ♥♥♥

Love top


New Love Top Available in 3 main colors, each color pack comes with 5 different options. Hope you like it. TP to mainstore here : ~momo~ ♥♥♥