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New MagicMushrooms dress in 3 colors, brownie, sea and pink ^^ each color with 2 skirts options Available at my store here : ~momo~ ♥♥♥

~mushrooms tee~


New mushrooms tee! in grape, pink, sea and kiwi colors. With sculpted polka dots sleeves Available at my store here : ~momo~ ♥♥♥

~lucky tee~


New lucky tee ^-^ only 50L for the pack of 5 colors available at the mainstore only : ~momo~ ♥♥♥

I made a new dress with skulls and stars all over the skirt called Skully Milky Way dress. The dress comes in 3 colors, snow, HOT pink and black and 2 different colors of stars to decorate your body, pink and white ^^ LM to my mainstore here: —> ~momo~ ♥♥♥

New tristeza dress. available in 4 different colors. Each color comes with 2 skirts, one with bows and another without them. Hope you like them! you can get them at my mainstore here: —> ~momo~ ♥♥♥