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~Giuliana top~


Hi! I made a new top called Giuliana. you can find it at my store here —>momo ♥♥♥ Advertisements

Hi! ^^ New Neko Market dress in 3 yummy flavours: banana, blueberry and chocolate. the top has sculpted sleeves and each dress comes with a cute kitty face ^^ available at my store here —>momo ♥♥♥

I made a black version of the cotton doll dress ^^ comes with 3 skirts, 3 tops a pair of socks and black cotton attachments available at my store here —>momo ♥♥♥

Hi ^^ I made a new dress called *cotton doll* comes with 3 skirts, 3 tops, socks and cotton attachments. available at my store here —>momo ♥♥♥

New cerecita dress! available in black and in blue each color comes with 2 different skirts, a pair of socks, a jacket with sculpted sleeves, a pair of longer leggings pants with sculpted cuffs some flying cherries for the back and cherries to cover the chest :O you can see them at my store here […]

this is the dress I made for *Crimson Shadow* event. comes with 3 different skirts, 2 pair of socks, a jacket and you can wear it with or without all the little bugs around it. >_< will only be available at Crimson Shadow sim during the 3 weeks event. so many great designers participating! ^-^ […]



I was invited to participate in the opening of a music sim, will be a music and fashion show this Sunday 19th at 12 noon. ^-^ then at 2pm is the fashion show at Crimson Shadow event! see you there! ^-^ ♥♥♥